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  • Hey Edson,  My team has quite a few clients across the pond, Happy to get you in touch with the right people to answer any questions that you may have! ------------------------------ Austin Toffoli Benefits Consultant Gallagher ...

  • Hi Edson You can connect to me and ill assist with the right company, there are many different benefits in israel - Regards Eynat Guez

  • Hello group, I am looking for a broker in Israel to implement an employee benefit package. Any recommendations? Thanks ------------------------------ Edson Barreto ------------------------------

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    RE: Egypt Employer

    Most welcome Teresa, and apologies for misspelling your name earlier. ------------------------------ Khaled Reda SHRM-SCP Per Aspera Ad Astra FZE Dubai ------------------------------

  • Thank you so much Khaled!  I appreciate your feedback.  I don't think I need any contact information at this point but I may be reaching out to you in the future if that's okay. Thank you again! Teresa ------------------------------ Teresa Marzolph ...