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    RE: US vs India Benefits

    _ Thank you both - I have already consulted someone in India and reviewed what other similar orgs do and it is all over the place. I have a legal consultant in India, they recommended we offer top-notch everything to stay competitive, which is fine ...

  • I absolutely agree with John. I spent a significant amount of time in India leading an HR function. Benefit structures and market competitive levels are quite different. For example, a competitive benefits package often includes a mix of public and private ...

  • I would strongly warn against trying to mirror USA benefits around the world. For instance in Poland the mandatory employer social charges are 20% of gross remuneration compared to about 9% in USA . If you start throwing in USA style private benefits ...

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    US vs India Benefits

    _ Hi everyone, We are a US-based company that has a legal entity in India and Poland. We offer 50% paid medical in the US and want to offer medical in India & Poland too. My question is, does it make sense to follow suit with our US policy of paying ...

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    Employees traveling to Ecuador

    _ We have an employee that will be traveling to Ecuador in July to work with a client on a project. I'm looking for resources, checklists and guidance on HR, safety and security issues we need to consider. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.