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    RE: Maintenance worker FMLA

    _ I'd recommend caution.  You can't really act on what you fear might happen, only on what has happened.  If he is performing his duties now, is not involved in excessive accidents, etc., then you have no real basis to require an FCE.   I also question ...

  • _ Why do you want to terminate? If it's for attendance, and the issue hasn't been addressed, we'd address it just like we would with a 5 or 10 year employee.

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    Maintenance worker FMLA

    _ I have a maintenance worker that just came to me about FMLA. He has a doctor's appointment in May but he listed all the things wrong with him now, such as neuropathy in his feet, fibromyalgia, bulging discs, he can't move his thumbs but a certain degree, ...

  • _ You told the manager, but what did the manager say?  What does s/he want to do? Assuming I had the manager's direction and support on this, I would not change the time.  I would ignore her requests to not get another set of keys and I would get her ...