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  • Ask for the Chief HR Officer (CHRO) title. If that gets shot down, tell them you will accept the HR Director title, but only if you get a raise :) ------------------------------ Kimberly Reetz Charlotte ------------------------------

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    RE: I need a form

    Can you clarify - by "form" do you need a template for an employee performance improvement plan (PIP)?  If so, do a search for that on the main SHRM web site; I believe it has a couple of forms you can consider. Also, there was a recent post (I can't ...

  • Sounds like you have a lot on your plate (and quite a bit to be proud of). I would say you should either have "Manager" or "Director"  in your title, given the responsibilities. Congratulations on building your department. Not an easy task. ------------------------------ ...

  • There have been a lot of people talking about unwanted touching.  The original poster didn't specifically say unwanted hugging...just noted scenarios where hugs were given.  We don't know the depth of the details behind the scenarios.  Is the admin a ...

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    RE: Your Job Title

    Right!   We have 2,700 ee's spread out in 5 states and only have 3 HR staff.   It's insane. ------------------------------ Kelly ------------------------------