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    RE: Candidate reveals bi-polar . . .

    _ OP -  You've received solid advice about focusing on your organization's inability to allow a service animal on-site.  I would focus my energy on that line of reasoning. Now, you've also received some very good feedback about some seemingly unnecessary ...

  • Good Evening, Thank you for your insight into interviewing a candidate.  I found your question examples to extremely helpful! Have a wonderful day. ------------------------------ Brittany Gonzales San Antonio ------------------------------

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    1st HR Manager Role

    _ I am starting my first HR Manager role tomorrow. I am also the only HR staff on site. How do I make an immediate positive impact? Should I meet with the department heads and ask what they expect from this role? Any advice will be appreciated.

  • Good morning, in exploring the six paradoxes that an HR department handles on a routine daily basis I found the most intriguing of the six to be the business and people paradox.  I can not imagine how difficult it must be to balance the tradeoff between ...

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    Flu season and sick leave

    _ Is anyone considering adding additional paid leave for employees that are sick due to the bad flu season?  We have employees who have already exhausted all of their sick leave time for the year (40 hours) and it is only February.  My concern is if ...