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  • Typically you aren't required to send the report to OSHA unless the injury involved loss of an eye, amputation or death of an employee. You just complete the 301 accident report and maintain the 300 log. Unless you're exempt from recordkeeping--having ...

  • _ We follow CDC guidelines - which say that the individual must test negative twice before coming back to work.  We've had two positive cases and both are back to work now.  We've done a lot of training for both supervisors and staff and everyone knows ...

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    RE: Car Allowance on W2

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    RE: OSHA Form 301 - Who manages this?

    _ No.   OSHA grants a record-keeping exemption to businesses with 10 or fewer employees, but otherwise, large and small businesses are expected to meet OSHA regulations, with only a few exceptions. ...

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    Car Allowance on W2

    _ Where does a car allowance go on a W2? It's taxable. I have no idea where to even look and our HRIS implementation team is asking.