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    RE: Going Out On Your Own...

    _ ​I did it for a year and was really happy but I had an awesome client fall in my lap.  You do have to think about professional insurance as well as benefits, whether you are disciplined enough to set aside money for taxes, whether you will be able ...

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    Resignation Notice Pay-Out

    _ Hello,  I wanted to see what policy anyone followed in regards to an employee giving two-weeks notice and paying them out the 2 weeks instead of having them have to work the 2 weeks.  Does anyone do this? Do you then consider this a termination, ...

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    RE: Airfare for overweight employees

    _ ​If the person is of a certain size, they literally cannot fit into the seat and use the seat belt.  For some there are extensions for the seat belt, but they don't fit everybody. Yes, the airline will make you buy two seats in some cases. Implicit ...

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    RE: Re-branding HR Department

    _ Nth-ing all the "what you do matters more that what you call yourself" responses. If your employees don't actually feel empowered, the name change will just be the butt of cynical joking, and nothing more. My organization doesn't call my department ...

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    RE: Holiday Pay

    _ No, not required Anonymonk