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  • I reached out to clarify, and she says only childcare leave is covered, but job protection is expanded for the other reasons. This is NOT the information I am finding elsewhere, but I'm trying to find an official link to show me the written language so ...

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    RE: Micro-aggresive and threatening?

    _ I have a slightly different take. But I don't believe there any micro aggressions I do think that it was not really appropriate to discuss the items lingering for a year when someone is planning vacation. It makes it seem like they are going to hold ...

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    RE: SHRM Specialty Credentials

    _ Hi, I just completed the workplace investigation courses and failed the 2 attempts at the 50 question assessment (questions different on 2nd attempt). I'm upset that some of the questions and answers did not appear to be addressed in my course materials, ...

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    RE: 1 week shut down

    _ Thanks Loretta! We're also aerospace. For those saying it wouldn't be approved because of the waiting period. It actually would be because the weeks don't have to be consecutive, just within the same plan year.

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    RE: Masks- Still requiring?

    _ We are in AZ (not required) and CA (required).  We are requiring them until the CDC (not governor nuisance) says we need to stop.  In one of my regions, my cases actually went up because of lax rules.