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    Changing benefits on employees

    _ Any suggestions when an employer wants to discontinue offering health benefits (and is not required under ACA). While understand it won't be popular option, are there things that could be given in exchange if only for a short transition period...

  • It's just that I know this Plant Manager well and do not believe at all that he is a racist or that his comment toward Bob had racial intent. Anonymous, 8 minutes ago Intent isn't the issue in a complaint like this. It's PERCEPTION. Bob...

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    _ I have an employee who is Managing a department and has a dual role working with another department and working with that departments clients. This employee does not like the manager in the "other" department and is constantly complaining that...

  • _ You need to investigate first. Don't make a decision for any action until after you have talked to all parties involved. Jumping the gun is a bad idea at this point before you talked to anyone. I think some form of discipline is necessary though...

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    Drug & Alcohol training videos

    _ I work for a Maritime employer and we are required to provide our employees with drug and alcohol training at least 30 mins. Any suggestions on a dvd video that I can buy?