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  • IMO, what you're asking isn't an employment policy question as much as it is an administrative policy/protocol that describes how you conduct testing under what circumstances.  Your employment policy should still be one that prohibits substance abuse ...

  • _ ICs are not your employees. Why do you want to test?

  • Hello, I am relatively new to HR. I decided to change my career after 18 years in healthcare to pursue a degree and career in HR; I don't think that it was flighty. I am currently working for a laboratory, and I bring my healthcare background to my ...

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    RE: HR Quotes

    _ I really like this! I'm going to borrow it for my HR Coordinator. She's always so rushed and makes silly errors. I like the "We aren't saving lives..." mantra. She'll hear that. Thanks!

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    RE: Drug policy excluding marijuana?

    _ We certainly do not.  I'm in Washington.  We recognize that using it is legal but being under the influence outside of your home isn't.   We teat.  Why would you exclude it?  If employee was under the influence of THC, do you want him guiding a team, ...