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    RE: Sourcers - exempt or non exempt?

    _ It would fall under the executive exemption where they supervise two or more FTE.

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    RE: Can an EE work 2 shifts for same company?

    _ Susan, can you share which states those are? My understanding was that there is no minimum or maximum daily hour rule in any state. Thanks!

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    Exempt Overtime

    _ Hello. My company has major DOD contracts and our exempt employees are eligible for overtime with advance approval.  Our accounting mgr. thinks we should be able to code overtime for time worked outside of their regular work schedule and not have to ...

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    Job Ranking

    _ Hello, If anyone is currently doing this within their company could you please provide a template or tools that are currently being utilized.  Thanks so much!

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    RE: Mask exemptions in the work place

    _ We're in CA. We had a "if your vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask" protocol and no one wore masks. That ended quickly. Now, it's "regardless of status, if you're 6 feet or less from someone, you must wear a mask". This is working somewhat better.  ...