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    RE: Reference passed away

    I definitely would tell them. With the combination of more and more people not having obituaries printed because of the cost, and an ever-shrinking newspaper subscriber base so people don't have the ability to read the obits, it is not uncommon for people ...

  • _ I paid $4.85 a gallon this morning. I wanted to scream.

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    RE: Management Training Presentation

    _ Why do you never offer assistance but always solicit business here?

  • _ This is a frustrating situation. Employees want the company to bend but they aren't always willing to do the same. Your policy should be firm and clear with few exceptions. The company will need to understand that not everyone will remain employed ...

  • Awe Horizons LLC offers various management training programs, click here for the list. I hope this would provide you with ideas for your own training plan. Feel free to reach out should you need further information. Best regards, ------------------------------ ...