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  • ​When we opened a new headquarters some years ago, they asked for volunteers from each area (could be multiple) to talk about what they did.  This was for a big open house to the public and employees could also move around (with coverage in their area) ...

  • _ Establish a policy requiring employees use safety equipment (helmets, etc) and following all applicable laws/regulations (avoid pedestrian areas, prioritize routes with bike paths) when using e-scooters/bicycles on company time. If you're in an area ...

  • _ our EAP program, which is part of our medical plan, has 3 free counselling sessions.  Then if the therapist believes the employee needs additional counselling, they will refer them and employee uses their mental health benefits.

  • _ OP here - We are definitely not judging. Out of curiosity what would the EAP do? From my understanding our EAP would offer help in finding a professional which she already has.

  • _ Sorry, but it's not the same "As everybody else"  because the EE mentioned out loud she see's a mh provider.  So it is known.