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    RE: ER Issues

    _ Good luck. Document, document, document. Contemporaneous documentation can be a wonderful thing. Chronologies of events are incredibly helpful to understand what happened when. Ask questions, write down answers and then read the statements ...

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    ER Issues

    _ What advice would you give to those new to the ER side of HR? Are there any trainings or resources that you'd recommend to help people acclimate to this facet?

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    RE: interview question

    Don't ask anyone about medical conditions as part of your interview process. You can always say, "This position requires that you are able to lift XX pounds unassisted. Is there any reason why you would be unable to do this with or without reasonable ...

  • Diane, I would suggest starting with determining if you have a harassment AND a bullying policy. They certainly can be intertwined, but harassment is typically only harassment when associated with a protected class. Bullying does not need to be tied ...

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    RE: HRIS

    Good point that I should mention what we do and how many employees for the above request. We have around 400 employees and 500 volunteers. We are a human service agency providing mental health, child development, home delivered meals, senior and ...