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    RE: Sexual Harrasment deliquint notice to staff

    _ Are these people who were supposed to take the training but didn't? I'd start with the managers and resolve this on a personal, face-to-face letter. A stern letter would backfire with my group. Anonymonk

  • What is it that you are trying to say in the letter? Are you trying to tell them that the training is mandatory or are you trying to "train them" via a letter? Not sure how to help without knowing what the letter's purpose is. Judy ------------------------------...

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    Sexual Harrasment deliquint notice to staff

    _ Hello, I am trying to get compliant with some delinquent sexual harassment training. Having a hard time coming up with a nice but stern letter to those staff. Any one have letters they have used they are willing to share? Thanks

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    RE: FMLA scenario

    _ I would not do that. If her eligibility starts on August 25th, then days off starting on August 25th onward is what is counted towards FMLA. hope this helps.

  • I don't believe you can go retroactive on FMLA. ------------------------------ Fredric Schneider Human Resources Manager