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    RE: Employee gets PPO on another Employee

    _ What does the PPO say about working?  You need to request a copy of it. There should be something in it defining how it works if it concerns business.  In my case, I would call the sheriff's office for instruction, sometimes it is the district attorney.  ...

  • I think you want to look at it from the perspective of the employee possibly looking at collective bargaining.  He may discuss the wages of him and others with others.  If you disallow them to collectively get together or communicate on wages, you could ...

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  • The team members who are uncomfortable should reply to his emails and let him know how they feel. ------------------------------ Kymberly Janisch SHRM-CP Chicago ------------------------------

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    RE: Strange Behavior

    _ I don't think I would classify that as strange behavior but I would suggest reaching out to the team member and letting him know that he is making his team uncomfortable and that if he wanted to discuss his wages, we would be happy to do so but he ...

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    Strange Behavior

    _ I have an employee who has been trying to get his entire team to rally together and demand higher pay.  These emails have been making the team uncomfortable. How would you handle?