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    RE: ADA - Undue Hardship ?

    _ " Can you hire a temp to take on some of the work?" This was going to be my advice...I would also recommend discussing this with your attorney...

  • In regard to what is the average absenteeism, it is my understanding from the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) that the average is five days a year in case that is a helpful number. Judy In Memory of Those We Lost Judy Clark, ...

  • I'm following this feed. This is something that we will be taking a look at to help define what is considered "excessive" and a consistent way to address. We have inconsistencies today that employees feel is favoritism. I always thought it would tie our ...

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    RE: Music Too Loud and I can Hear You Eating

    _ I am highly distracted by the sounds of chip and cracker bags crinkling.  And oh, how I dreaded those meetings when people brought in bagels and slid the bag around the table.  I honestly had a difficult time hearing what was being discussed due to ...

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    RE: Management Book Club

    _ The Thin Book of Trust by  Charles Feltman anon #6 ​