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    RE: Theft - Fire or not to Fire

    _ Theft is theft.  I'd term, having special skill set fies not make you immune from firing for committing a crime.  This person stole a wallet and used a credit card without authorization.  In what reality is this persons skill set so valuable that ...

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    Theft - Fire or not to Fire

    _ Hello All - Took on a new job and hit with a situation day one.  I'm not quite sure what to do.  One employee stole wallet from another.  Returned wallet right away when confronted (was caught on security camera) and replaced money charged to credit ...

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    RE: Military Leave for reserve boot camp

    _ Be careful with this.  I would advise reading through USERRA labor law guidelines, which spell out the rights employees in the military are afforded under the law.  There is a section on employer rights as well, which may be helpful.

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    Military Leave for reserve boot camp

    _ I have an employee requesting leave for Army National Guard Boot Camp from November 19 through late April. When I look at the leave certification forms, I am not really seeing anything for boot camp, just medical military and deployment leave. What ...

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    RE: Union Workers

    _ Best of luck to you!  We can't know your organization's culture, obviously, so what I say may not apply. But be prepared to be "friend ly to all, friend s with none." You'll need to maintain a professional, even-handed and objective posture at all ...