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    RE: Enneagram

    Hi Ashley, Enneagrams, as well as other personality tests, may help improve team collaboration and  work together with your colleagues on a level that is productive and efficient for everyone. We all have personality types, and having a basic knowledge ...

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    Has anyone used the enneagram or other personality tests to help develop their teams? What worked and what didn't? ------------------------------ Ashley Hall Fasnap Corp HR Generalist ------------------------- ...

  • Hi Alisha! Hope this is what you are looking for: ------------------------------ Tetiana Nesterchuk ------------------------------

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    Per Diem Policy

    Hello! I just started at a new job working for an oil company that offers employee's $80 per diem per day as outlined in there contract.  We have nothing in any policy stating they could not receive their per diem on a specific day for any reason.  A ...

  • Hi there! Have you got check-in/out cards? Having those you'll "manage" time for "bathroom breaks" easily, since they won't count as a working time. That means they will lose their time. It's my opinion on how to rule this situation. ------------------------------ ...