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  • We're a small, non-union business, with 15 employees. One of our employees went around to all of our hourly employees with a clipboard asking them about their hourly wages and sharing information with everyone. This, obviously, created a minor situation ...

  • That is only one component. Suggest you test for all that apply. ------------------------------ Johanna Soto VP, Administrative Services Joseph Cory Holdings, LLC. Secaucus NJ ------------------------------

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    Non Exempt to Exempt Status

    _ We recently promoted two employees in positions where they will now be managing other employees. Do we change their status from Non Exempt to Exempt Status, now that they will be managing other employees?

  • Hello. Hoping that someone can share. We are a union manufacturing company located outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Employees represented our IAMAW. Under training needs we are required to announce selection for those that bid on the intent to ...

  • Hello, I hope you are in the US (and consider any state laws or contractual obligations): My recommendation based on having experienced this very circumstance and I would be to be open about it. Why? For good faith, transparency and trust within the ...