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    Benefits & Cost Comparison

    _ Good morning and Happy New Year! I need to create a benefits & cost comparison of two different companies and I am wondering if someone had a template that are willing to share.  Company A benefits and cost vs. Company B benefits and cost (medical, ...

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    Bakers pension surcharge

    _ Did anyone else get the bakers pension notice that said they are removing the surcharge if you request and your local agrees?  If so, what will your company do? Also when fund goes insolvent will my company owe withdrawal liability?

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    Memphis, TN Preganancy/Weapon Laws & Regulations

    _ Hi Everyone! I am needing some insight into the local/state laws regarding Pregnancy/Weapons in TN, specifically Memphis. (Zip-38112) If anyone has knowledge of state laws, local/county ordinances, etc, and could give me some details that would be ...

  • Yes to the unable to call don't discipline;  is this an FMLA situation (meaning needing additional time off to care for med issue? )  You may wish to send paperwork.  However, following call in policy is required regardless of whether they qualify for ...

  • How did the manager find out it was due to medical?  Why couldn't the employee inform you of his/her absence? if the employee was not able to call in  because they were in the hospital or another legitimate reason, I would not write him up,  BUT if  ...