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  • Hello, We recruit Software Developers at various levels of experience.  I am looking for a pre-employment assessment tool for specific programming skills, such as Java, SQL and Python.  We are a Federal Contractor so we need to ensure that these assessments ...

  • If you are looking for a people person then customer service is OK. If you are looking for someone who needs to handle technical details and who has more of a process behavioral style, we use Administrative Assistant.  Make sure to develop your ad appropriately.  ...

  • Does anyone know of a site like Indeed that auto-scrapes job postings from an ATS? ------------------------------ Debbie Lee Director, Applicant Harbor Operations Lighthouse Compliance Solutions Little Rock AR ------------------------------

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    RE: Customer Service Title Alternative

    _ That looks more like a Plastic Mold Injection Tech than a customer service representative. For the department, Plastic Mold Injection Department.  Or Plastic Mold Fabrication Department.

  • We are recognizing that indicating Customer Service means what? When you place employment ads, you tend to receive nail salon techs, dance instructors, Verizon store clerks, etc. Your ad specifically states print reading, understanding the plastics ...