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  • Looking for recommendations on skills tests for a bookkeeping position, specifically proficiency tests on QuickBooks and Excel. Thank you in advance

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    RE: Canada Visas?

    _ "Do you require sponsorship for employment authorization to work in the U.S.?" If you are not willing to sponsor then this should be stated in the job ad. You can also ask the question on an employment application.

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    Canada Visas?

    _ Hi all, I'm familiar with how we need to ask about visa sponsorship in the U.S. in order to ask the question legally. But I can't find any guidance on if there is a specific way this question should be asked when speaking to candidates in Canada. ...

  • Hi fellow HR Professionals. I am working on creating a recruiting playbook for my organization (a growing start-up), so when managers start hiring they're looking for the same set of behaviors, core values, core leadership skills, etc. Any advice, ...

  • Thea, It is not clear why you want to set time-based markers for the new person's orientation/learning time. It clearly depends to a very large degree the intelligence, experience and motivation of the new hire. There is a wealth of research showing those ...