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  • Calling All DEI Pros! Help Wanted for #SHRMINCLUSION 2020

    Calling all 
    #DEI professionals: We want to hear from you! Help ensure our #SHRMINCLUSION 2020 conference includes even more insights, perspectives and expertise by participating in one or more of the following activities:

    • Host and lead a virtual meet-up with conference attendees
    • Present a prerecorded virtual session on a topic in your area of expertise
    • Present an in-person session on a topic in your area of expertise
    • Serve as a...
    - panelist on a topic in your area of expertise
    - moderator on a topic in your area of expertise
    - discussion facilitator on a topic in your area of expertise
    - virtual chat room moderator
    - SME working alongside the event programming team

    Sign up today: https://shrm.co/ydj1qq


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  • _ Earline, you wrote something similar when the Foward ads began.  Why not direct your concerns directly to SHRM?  You may get more of a response that way.  Hope it helps.

  • Ha, thanks Awatif. I appreciate the validation that I am not losing my mind.

  • Hi Thomas, there are many trolls here and people who just want to vent. I did not understand the post from the 80 year old person. My recommendation is just to ignore it.  All the best, ------------------------------ Awatif Yahya awatif@awehorizons.com ...

  • Not sure what you mean by this. I am open to listen, but what you wrote makes zero sense. ------------------------------ Thomas Frisch SHRM-CP El Segundo CA ------------------------------

  • I need a little appreciation as an 80 yr old Caucasian female contributing 65 years of my life to a great country and can’t even get a pair of Caucasian hands as part of your Ad. Shame on you👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Sent from my iPadf