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    RE: Child has covid

    _ This does not sound legal at all. I e never heard of an employer requiring a PTO request because of a covid quarantine. ThT doesn't even make sense!

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    Child has covid

    _ We have an employee who was contacted at work on dec 21 because she and her school aged son had a possible exposure. The employee called the designated person (who happens to be the wife of the owner) immediately to give information and await instructions. ...

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  • _ Thank you.  So many people say to push back the deadlines and flexibility.  I only wish that I could influence my org more.  Overall our response is wonderful and supportive for most employees.  I am so overwhelmed as the head of HR and the expectations ...

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    RE: A bit OT/Rant - Child Care

    _ I feel this completely.  I have had my daycare aged children home as much as possible.  But those days that I have had to be in the office, I have had to send them.  The guilt I feel over this is immense.  Not only for risking my children but for risking ...

  • Wow! this is great! Thank you Amy, much appreciate your time for putting this together. ------------------------------ Rashmi Deo TBD ------------------------------