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    RE: FMLA and Foster Care

    _ Considering she made you aware of the situation, I would give her all the information on it and the application. She can go from there. Maybe she will read it all over and change her mind. I would assume that if they adopt, it would likely be a while ...

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    FMLA and Foster Care

    _ We have an employee who has just been placed with a newborn foster child. Our employee has about 2 weeks paid leave banked and supportive family to help with childcare so she is not needing/wanting to request/use FMLA. She does not plan to take off ...

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    RE: Teleworking with family

    _ Angela, Thank you for the perspective. We evaluated a similar experience 5+ years ago and tried to meet them in the middle to keep it as far as possible. We made sure to type up an agreement so that both parties are fully aware of the adapted work ...

  • I think in this situation, I would encourage evaluating the question of what the expectations are-- not just for this employee, but for all of your employees. Are your expectations for them based on the amount of time they are working, and where they ...

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