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  • I was leaning more towards a google online survey format ------------------------------ Tanice Smikle SHRM-CP ------------------------------

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    CDC guidance-Anyone else confused?

    _ I printed off the 62 page document from the CDC and really can't make heads or tails of when we are in the 1-3 "steps" vs. the 3 "phases".  Are the phases and steps different? The same? Do we decide when we move through them?  I have the Red-Yellow-Green ...

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    RE: Salary Increases

    _ I think this answer can vary greatly from business to business depending on if and how badly you have been impacted. How badly has your business suffered over this Covid time period? Has there been a significant loss of capital? Have you had to do ...

  • Just wondering how everyone is communicating the opportunities for HSA and FSA changes to your staff?  Thanks for your help! ------------------------------ Gina Ellis Xigent Automation Systems, Inc. Lewis Center OH ------------------------------

  • We have froze all salary increases company wide in 2020