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  • How does a virtual verification work? I thought the documents have to be physically inspected which is why copies or viewing the documents via video isn't permitted. I've heard of companies that provide a mobile service - they will drive to the person's ...

  • Aisha, do you have a link for one of these sites? ------------------------------ Mike Hayden CEO Infinium HR Group Murrieta CA ------------------------------

  • You can utilize a virtual I9 verification website ------Original Message------ Hello, My organization has several remote employees working all over the US. I know that I-9 documents have to be presented to me in person for me to physically inspect ...

  • _ I would handle this request like any other medical condition request per your company policy. This would not fall under a pregnancy disability leave as the condition is not due to a pregnancy related condition.

  • I would check with your insurance rep about what the insurance company will cover through employer insurance. ------------------------------ Mary Casey SHRM-CP Watsonville CA ------------------------------