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    RE: Covid and required travel

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  • I have an employee who is refusing to travel (air) because of COVID fears.  Part of his job is to travel.  Not often but it happens. Thank you. ------------------------------ Milly Vassallo SHRM-CP Wyckoff ------------------------------

  • OK - thanks for clarifying I think I understand your question. You can require them to register for and receive SDI for birth leave and PFL for bonding leave to receive pay. You cannot tell them when to take it, the birth parent leave isn't flexible ...

  • I have a question regarding anniversary vacation bonus.  Our current policy is to provide a one time lump sum of 3 weeks vacation (in addition to the regular accrued vacation) on our EE's 10 year anniversary.  We are in talks of having the award after ...

  • _ OP here - my question is more around whether we can request the employee to take the PFL and specify the time period? My understanding is that they will have a  year after the qualifying event to use up the 8 weeks of leave. But we are hoping to apply ...