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    RE: Service Technicians Minimum Wage

    _ Technicians are required to bring their own tools and based on the response, we are required to pay a minimum of $22/hour.  Thank you for responding.

  • IF they bring in their own tools to do the job. If the company provides the tools then that doesn't apply. Julie Torres PHR Director of Human Resources 2707 N. Garey Avenue Pomona, CA 91767 Off: (909) 445-8888 x 398 Dir: ...

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    Service Technicians Minimum Wage

    _ I'm new to the automotive industry and I vaguely recall hearing that service technicians (mechanics) must earn 2x minimum wage, in CA.  Does anyone know this to be the case or can cite a resource for me to do the research?

  • I recommend using the California Chamber of Commerce: Calchamber California Chamber of Commerce - CalChamber View this on Calchamber > ...

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    RE: FMLA and Vacation Time

    _ ​Hi, My company places employees on official LOA if leave is to be more than 1-2 weeks if  doctor's note is  available and employee eligible for FMLA. Is there a personal leave policy with your company that you can use?