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    We are looking to switch PEO's,  Can anyone let me know if there is one that you hate or love? Thanks, Hillary

  • I think we have all been impacted by this virus.  I think it is great your pay continued.  Very generous of the company to continue paying a full rate.  I wonder if this is because of PPP funds.  If they are paying because of the gift of PPP funds, I ...

  • I think it was very nice of your employer to continue to pay the salary during this time even though it was just 20 percent of work.  I feel it is fair .  ------------------------------ Sunethra Perera Benoit SHRM-CP Walmart Inc New Iberia ---- ...

  • Hello: I live in New York, and everyone is pretty much quarantine with the exception of essential workers. Myself and a few other co-workers work limited hours from home. Maybe 20% of our normal work day. I just had a discussion with my manager and he ...

  • I signed up this week to attend the virtual trainings on Saturdays from 11am-2pm and SHRM never sent me the link. Does anyone out there have it for the class today?? Thank you, Eileen Deady