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    Relocation Policy

    _ We are a growing firm of 40 employees and attempting to find the right policy for relocation across tier 1 to tier 3 cities and across various employee bands I would appreciate if someone could give us an input across this area.

  • Greetings HR Family, As an HR professional, it is no secret that you wear many hats. And that sometimes HR is a thankless profession that may be judged harshly. I have even heard statements such as "HR is all about saving the company, protecting ...

  • Greetings Your Feedback Needed! Are you an HR Professional who feels challenged to understand employees of different generations' frustrations when they believe you are not hearing, supporting, or understanding their workplace concerns? When it ...

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  • Hi Christine, I hope you are having a great day. In terms of finding a staffing partner, there are quite a few companies who can help you hire dedicated teams that can work for you exclusively. In terms of finding and screening candidates, this is very ...

  • What if the target moves to colleges that are located in Tier 3 or Tier 4 cities in India? ------------------------------ Ruby Thomas FLATWORLD SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED ------------------------------