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    ISO - audits - training

    _ does anyone have a sample of their product safety training they can share? or if you can give suggestions of whom/when/where is this training performed? I know HR handles some training but I cannot possibly be responsible for ALL training. TIA

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    RE: Kaizen Training

    I don't have a good online link for Kaizen, but we use our state MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership )  for Lean tools.  They have been so great to get us through training and a state funded grant.  I've also attended virtual ...

  • Does anyone use a language translation service that they would recommend for employee documents? We've had a fairly diverse culture at our organization, but we have found that more applicants are struggling with understanding our safety and policy training. ...

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    Kaizen Training

    Hi!  Do any of you Manufacturing professionals know of a good online Kaizen Training? Thanks in advance. ------------------------------ Karin Goodwin Continental Hydraulics ------------------------------

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    Political Views on Face Mask in the Workplace

    _ Hello, I would like to get some insight on how I could approach this situation. First, I am sole HR Manager for a small manufacturing company in Houston. A top manager of the company has a political sign in her office, and is wearing a mask that states ...