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    RE: FLSA/OSHA related question

    _ ​The FLSA does not limit the number of hours per day or week that workers aged 16 and older can work, so you will need to look to other sources. State laws often have guidance in this regard. You may also find guidance in OSHA or various other federal ...

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    FLSA/OSHA related question

    _ Hi All! Legally, how many back-to-back shifts can an employee work without it violating FLSA or OSHA? Recently we had an employee work 3 shifts back-to-back with only a total of a 3 hour break. This employee operates production equipment and my concern ...

  • We calculate the number of annual holiday hours (in our case 88 based on 11 paid holidays).  If the holiday falls on a regulary scheduled workday, we pay 8 hours of holiday time and let the employee make up the difference (we have 10 hours shifts) with ...

  • Many thanks for the reply! ------------------------------ Pamela Baldwin SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CEBS Director of Human Resources Brooksville FL ------------------------------