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  • If he wasn't rehired until April, his code for March should be 1H/2A. For April, it should be 1H/2D. 2B is used a lot for part-time employees I have to change several of our codes because our system gets them wrong sometimes.

  • _ Our company uses rate of pay as the safe harbor code for ACA and we have a high turn over rate. I am needing assistance with the ACA codes and any help would be appreciated.  I have an employee who worked in 2020, termed in Jan 2021, and was enrolled ...

  • _ When something does pass, we are talking about staggering the employees - possibly by shift or last name to not have them all due at the same time.

  • I think were all in that same boat. (I'm also in manufacturing). The IMA (Illinois Manufacturing Association) has been a huge help with getting easy to understand knowledge out to us. If your company isn't a member I highly recommend it. It's truly been ...

  • Thank you.  There is so much conflicting information it is causing me to second guess myself. ------------------------------ Pamela IL ------------------------------