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    Attendance bonus

    _ We are a manufacturer in Central Illinois.  We have 209 employees and have 50 temps in the building.  We are desperate for people just like everybody else, and are now considering an attendance bonus for temps who are performing a very basic packaging ...

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    RE: Transportation to Rural Areas

    _ I don't but I know one company that works with a staffing agency for transportation. The staffing agency has a van and picks up and drops off. Could you work with a bus company and share the cost?

  • Our facility in the middle of rural farms inside a triangle shaped area of 3 cities of a 30 mile radius.  We have no public transportation and there are no Uber/Lyft type transportation here.  Our problem is finding candidates with reliable transportation.  ...

  • Thank you for the info Crystal.  I appreciate it. ------------------------------ Tonya Malnar American Lumber Bryan TX ------------------------------

  • Premier Biotech is what I used to use. They were the only one approved by the FDA at the time... not sure what the status is now, as far as others go.  Jessi Dean was my contact and they are reasonably priced. ------------------------------ Crystal Burn ...