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  • Thank you!!! ------------------------------ Rhynel Evans HR Manager ------------------------------

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    Civility Policy

    ​Hi, I've been at my job for over a month and the company has a policy promoting civility in the workplace.  This policy was created in 2006 and appears to be a program from an old EAP provider. I am looking to get rid of this policy and replace it ...

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    Medical Marjuana/Operating Machinery

    _ Good Morning! Does your business have an policy addressing employees prescribed medical marijuana who are hired to operate machinery? What do you do when you are presented with the prescription? Thanks!​

  • We are doing a whole Lean Manufacturing campaign and are using Manufacturer's Edge. Good organization with a lot of resources. Amy ------Original Message------ Hi HR Friends, I have been tasked with locating training in the 5S/Lean Manufacturing ...

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    RE: Rate of Pay

    We pay vacation pay, holiday pay, jury duty, bereavement etc. at their hourly rate  with their shift differential. ------------------------------ "Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in." ~Bill Bradley --------- ...