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    No Call No Show Letter

    Hello,  Does anyone have a no call no show letter they can share? I have an employee that has not been at work for the last few days and I can't reach him with the phone numbers we have on file.  Thank you  ------------------------------ Lorena ...

  • ​I would have no idea how many days would be used...  All employees would be eligible for bereavement leave for multiple family members (but, you would hope someone would not have such travesty in their lives). I think I would look at the previous ...

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    RE: Paid Funeral (Bereavement) Leave

    _ ​Sorry, Peter, just one year (slip of the finger!) we had 64 days taken off.

  • Patricia, Thank you for this information.  I like how the information is written.  Do you have any idea how many days are used for bereavement in a given year and how many employees would be eligible for bereavement? Sincerely, Peter Smith ------------------------------ ...

  • Just to clarify, were a total of 64 days used for all previous years total or were 64 days used on one year? Thanks, ------------------------------ Peter Smith ------------------------------