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  • ​​Does anyone have a template they would be willing to share? ------------------------------ Ellen Huber ------------------------------

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    Job Application

    Has anyone revised their job application to not show salary history? ------------------------------ Cindy Goguen Human Resource Specialist Scott Electronics, Inc. Salem NH ------------------------------

  • I was new to my organization last year and I sat in on all of the performance reviews, besides the Presidents reviews of the managers, in order to get to know the employees and to see what value add I could provide. I was able to learn what issues were ...

  • I would recommend having the employees sign off to allow electronic distribution of materials to their personal emails. Some may not have emails and prefer to get paper copies, but those who opt in will help save you some time. Make sure that your state/legal ...

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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages for HR to sit in performance review meetings? Do you sit in for those at your company? We typically have HR sit in for reviews, however, while most managers welcome the support, we have some managers who are ...