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  • _ Good Morning, Has somebody has some information about this new Retirement Relief? I appreciate all your help. Thank you.

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    RE: Company Sponsored Events

    _ Thank you for your feedback. We normally do a clam bake for current employees, retirees and a guest. Due to COVID, we had to cancel our annual Seabreeze picnic and the clam bake. We have done catered lunch breaks, I found anything with free food usually ...

  •​ ------------------------------ Veronica Barnard Sterilite Corporation Townsend MA ------------------------------

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    RE: ADA and Chairs

    _ Do your JDs identify the essential duties of the job? Also, some companies I've worked with had job descriptions that included a physical demand analysis.  These were helpful to provide to physicians so they could review the physical requirements ...

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    RE: Workers Compensation Light Duty

    _ I had an ex-employee on light duty after claiming WC. We made him come in and clean everything every day. It made him so mad that he would work about 2 hours and leave. He would not be paid the rest of the day by WC or us because we has "work" available. ...