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    RE: Minimum hours for exempt employee

    _ Depends on the reason for the absence.  For what reason? Anonymonk

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    RE: on call pay

    _ Great information your scenarios are very similar to mine.  Thanks.

  • Biggest question to me is whether the employee's contract or applicable policy in the staff handbook states the expected hours and then says something about the potential for disciplinary action if minimum hours aren't met on a normal basis.  Is this ...

  • If you wanted to remain flexible with the employees you could allow them the option of working through lunch and leaving 1/2 hour early? Just a thought :-) Oh, and you may want to consider some verbiage about repeated unauthorized overtime being grounds ...

  • I would not allow him to drive himself to the client's site nor would I allow him to drive to any of your locations. You don't want to be guilty of looking the other way when illegal activity is taking place. He can get a ride from someone else, ...