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  • I am writing for some assistance with the Oregon Senate Bill 828 in regard to predictive scheduling.  I manage a couple of brew pubs and between the two location we have about 120 employees within the restaurants.  Under the same trade name, we have a ...

  • Thanks to all who commented!  I shared my research with her, and she quickly consulted with her attorney.  To her disappointment (and surprise), he also told her that she cannot dictate legal activities of her employees on their off time, even if they ...

  • Haha, no thanks to the piercing.   She is already a bit troubled by my small wrist tattoo.  Scandalous, I know, but easily hidden by a bracelet or watch. ------------------------------ Annette ------------------------------

  • ​Legal activities outside of work are protected under IL law. I suggest that you also obtain a similar piercing just to see the reaction.  :) ------------------------------ Michael Smith ------------------------------

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    RE: ADA?

    _ Obesity, in and of itself, is not considered a disability under the ADA.  However, a medical condition that leads to obesity, or a condition caused by obesity, may very well be considered a disability under the ADA. Regardless, if all that has happened ...