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  • When the offer was rescinded, did the applicant resign from their then current position? ------------------------------ Milagros Ocasio Director, Human Resources Jaspan Schlesinger LLP Garden City, NY 11530 ------------------------------

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    RE: Sexual Harrasement

    _ The only thing you have is a video showing close contact and a she said that he said story. Does the perpetrator use this close proximity with everyone or just accuser? There are some people who invade personal space. Others stand so far away that ...

  • _ I should add, as long as the reason for paying this one person the stipend isn't discriminatory--say he is the only male in the department and got the stipend for being male.

  • _ Do you make the same money as everyone else in your office?   There is no law saying you have to pay everyone the same. There is nothing wrong with this.

  • _ Usually no, you can't do this. What about a job shadow type interview?  He could follow the people with whom he would work and see what the job entails.  You would not have to pay him for that.