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    Sanctioned Persons

    _ Hoping someone in banking can point me in the right direction... I work for a membership association which is also a non regulated financial institution. We are putting together our KYC policies. As part of the process, we are asked how we identify ...

  • _ Firstly, I'd follow your holiday policy. Would you allow others to take the holiday a different day? I worked at a company who's policy was that you could work on a company designated holiday and take another day off, as long as that day was in a window ...

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  • Hi guys, This may be a silly question. Please forgive me, if so. I had a non-exempt employee work on a paid holiday recently (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day). The employee is now asking if they may change their "holiday" to a different day since their duties ...

  • _ I'm not sure I'm understanding why this is "temporary" if you plan to promote the person after the current incumbent retires. You might post using the job title "XXX Apprentice" with opportunity for promotion to "XXX" job title in 90 days.

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    _ I am looking for information on continuous FMLA leaves that could start/stop given an employee's situation changes.   Scenario - An employee is approved for a continuous leave from Jan 1-Feb 15 to care for a family member.  On Jan 15, the employee ...