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    RE: EEOC Compliance

    _ When reporting, you look at any pay period within the reporting period, which is October 1st  through December 31st of the reporting year.  If your headcount (actual headcount, not FTE) is 100 or more during that period, then you need to file the EEO-1 ...

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  • _ I would honor your word and move on.

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    RE: Work Restrictions

    _ To rephrase your question, how do you handle an employee who still cannot perform the essential functions of the job after reasonable accommodations have been made? You did not say whether those accommodations made were in accordance to a doctor's ...

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    Medical Insurance - Employee Contribution

    _ I have three employees who have been with the company for 10 years and over.  Each of these employees receives medical benefits that are paid 100% by the company.  The company is now looking are reorganizing the company from 3 to 5 companies, each ...

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    EEOC Compliance

    _ When I started at this location 5 years ago, we had just switched from a contract staffing agency to private management.  This is my first HR job, and I am a DOO, with no corporate HR to reference. At the time we never pushed past 95 employees a ...