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    Affirmative Action Plan

    _ Can someone please explain their AAP and what it means to their organization when they are recruiting candidates - minorities and non-minorities. Do you have goal or reasons hiring a protected class? I'm new to recruiting and have always been in the ...

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    _ First time being a Generalist at a med-size company. My dilemma - how do word or address an hiring manager that is allowing her subordinates the hiring decision without the thought about a former employee who was recently terminated. She has two ...

  • Hi All, I'm in a pickle. I've had the employee privacy law discussion in front of all Directors and our Owner who's an MD. He's aware my stance on employee's medical information and the laws. He said that employees should know their medical information ...

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    RE: EPA

    To me that is the same as do you have to pay employee one and two the same if employee two was just hired? No. Therefore you are not required to pay the fee. ------------------------------ Lois Gremminger ------------------------------

  • Hi Laura, I would argue your policy is not legal if state law requires employers to payout accrued unused time. ------------------------------ Susan Chermonte SHRM-SCP HR Advisor ERC ------------------------------