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    Employee File Retention

    I've always had the practice of retaining termed employee files for 7 years from the date the employment ends, although I haven't been able to find anything online that supports the 7 year retention practice. I've found information stating that general...

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    RE: Employee Handbook - Acknowledgment

    _ The risk is that the employee violates a policy and you have no signed documentation verifying that he was aware of and accepted the policy. The right you have is to terminate his employment if signing the acknowledgement is a condition of his...

  • I don't know the risk you have that the employee refused to sign the acknowledgement but another way around him/her not signing would be when you have such meetings is have a sign-in sheet which would show the employee was present during the course...

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    RE: Electronic Data Storage

    _ Depends on the item.

  • I'm confused on part of your post. You state that the company paid for COBRA for the month of January and later in your post you state that plan no longer exists. Not all employees will like your new health plan so at that point they choose to take...