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  • quickest way out - offer severence with a release to sidestep the whole mess

  • We are a medical specialty practice in MN.  I was wondering if anyone is tracking employees who get the COVID vaccination?  Would this violate any HIPPA regulations or other legal requirements if it was kept within HR files?  We would like to track these ...

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    RE: Registered sex offenders

    _ Google his name and find out what the offense was specifically.  Area newspapers will likely have something.  It could be that his girlfriend was 16 -- too young for consent in one state, but not a problem in another state.  Check it our, it may make ...

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    RE: Back Pay

    Not unless they were actually underpaid. ------------------------------ David Liesse, EA Skingco Services, Inc Federal Way WA ------------------------------

  • I am so sorry that you have such a challenging situation.  The speech on social media is likely protected under the right to concert. I would have to look at the speech more closely to give you a definitive response. I think that an outside executive ...