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  • Interesting benefit to compete for talent for those still hiring. Temporarily suspends payments due on federal student loans,   and enables employers to contribute up to $5,250 to an employee's student loan payments per year, excluded from the employee's ...

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    Policy - Covid-19

    _ Would some of you be willing to share what Covid-19  policies you put in place?

  • 1. Yes you can ask the IC to do it. Sometimes there is a clause that covers misc work at an hourly rate. 2. No you can't demand it if outside the original scope. 3. It is possible that you may get some pushback because the IC may see the expertise in ...

  • _ My boss, the owner of our private small manufacturing company, is hiring a nanny (26 years old) to care for her kids full time (40+ hrs) and wants to payroll her through our company. She wants to title her as a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant, ...

  • Thank you so much for your advice and guidance, and kind words! Following what you suggested now :) ------------------------------ Grace Lamey ------------------------------