What is an Interview Scorecard (and do I actually need one)?

By Maggie Coffey posted 05-09-2014 12:06


An interview scorecard is used to help the interviewer determine which candidate is the best person for the job. While scorecards will vary, the most effective ones prompt the interviewer to choose a rating,ranging from poor to excellent, based on the candidate's answers. These ratings are selected based upon pre-determined parameters that help dictate to the interviewer what constitutes an "excellent" versus an "ok" answer. For example: 

Screen_Shot_2014-05-09_at_10.52.56_AMIn short, the answer is yes - you absolutely need a scorecard. Here's why - 

Interview scorecard helps to ensure the interview process is consistent. Asking different candidates different questions makes it virtually impossible to accurately determine which person is best for the job. Conducting interviews at different times and on different days also means that the mood of the interviewer will vary. While this may seem insignificant, it can significantly impact how "easy" an interviewer is on the candidate.

To learn more about how interview scorecards can improve your hiring process, download our free guide "An Intro to Interview Scorecards" below: 

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