Supporting Pregnancy in the Workplace

By Jessica Brinkley posted 05-31-2019 12:35


Women often choose to hide the fact they’re pregnant at the office. Most of them don’t even say anything until it becomes noticeable. One of the main reasons why women are reluctant to announce their pregnancies is because they think it will put both them and their employers in an uncomfortable position. Keep in mind that as a manager or employer it’s your duty to talk with your female employees and let them know they shouldn’t hide this type of information and that you’ll do everything in your power to ensure they’re comfortable and supported.

Unfortunately, pregnant women are sometimes stigmatized at work because people think they’re not capable of doing their jobs properly. Working in this type of environment can drastically increase the stress levels of pregnant women experience at the office. In order to minimize the risk of this happening, you will need to lead by example. As soon as you find out about the first pregnancy at your company, you should publicly explain exactly how women carrying babies will be treated. Let everyone know discrimination will not be tolerated. Mention how you will always provide to help pregnant employees, but encourage them not to hide it from you.

It’s important to mention how you can be of assistance to them only if they let you know what they’re going through. Of course, it’s completely understandable if they don’t want to tell their fellow employees. Even if a certain employee of yours is not pregnant but undergoing fertility treatments, you should still find ways to help her. Make sure she gets admitted to one of the best fertility clinics in the United States.

Note that some women will try hiding their pregnancy from you. Even if you suspect a certain staff member of yours might be pregnant, you shouldn’t ask her about it. Instead, wait until she notifies you. In case you have at least a few relatively young female employees at your company, you will have to get prepared for these situations. It’s a good idea to get an incredibly comfortable fully ergonomic chair that only women carrying children will be able to use. These chairs are an excellent choice because they adjust to the changes of a woman’s body during the pregnancy.

Consider providing breastfeeding moms a comfy lactation room, where they can even store milk or lie down if they want. If you don’t do this, they’ll be forced to breastfeed in the women’s toilet, which they won’t be happy about. Keep in mind that pregnant women will have to take breaks more often than the rest of your employees, which is completely understandable. It may be a good idea to put a very comfortable couch in the lactation room, where pregnant women and new moms will be able to relax.

Becoming a mother can be a very scary experience. To ensure your pregnant female employees are ready for it, you should create support networks for them at work. Encourage staff members who are already parents to share advice and offer help. Understand hormonal changes will happen from time to time. If you see a pregnant employee of yours isn’t having the best day and can’t focus properly on what she’s doing, encourage her fellow workers to help her out.

Women are bound to experience a lot of changes during their pregnancy. They may be completely fine for a whole week, but then come in extremely anxious or tired one day. Make sure you support them no matter what they’re experiencing. If they feel like they need to take a short walk around the office building or take a quick nap during work hours, let them. However, in order for this to work, you should encourage them to always honestly tell you how they’re feeling.