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  • Hi Ellen: If you wouldn't mind providing clarification: are there already opportunities and you want your employees to know about them or are you looking for ideas for growth opps to offer? Thanks very much and have a great weekend. Dave David Freedman, PHR, SHRM-CP Director of Human Capital Management |

  • While on our operations team, I accepted several Facebook requests from employees and fellow supervisors. I do believe this helped build relationships while in that role. However, after transitioning to HR, I sent a block message to every employee, hourly and salaried, that I had been connected with, and politely explained that in the new role,...

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    Although many/most e-cigarettes and vaping devices do not use tobacco, we combine vaping under our Tobacco Use Policy. The odors, action, and appearance are distracting overall, and, for those operating equipment, could be dangerous to manipulate while operating machinery. ------------------------------ Matthew Rimi Forest View IL

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    RE: Safe-less Agency

    Melanie, Excellent advice from Colleen. I cam on board here as training and development coordinator but was asked to put together a safety program. Got some templates from a friend who was a risk manager and worked closely with employee safety committee of volunteers from different departments who are expected to report back in department meetings....

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    Hi! I'm looking to connect and network with other Professional Employer Organizations! If you're interested, please send me a message! Thanks! Adriana ------------------------------ Adriana Stovall SHRM-CP Human Resources Generalist Corp Christi TX ------------------------------

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