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  • This refers to the Fluctuating Workweek overtime calculation approved by DOL. It's also referred to as "Chinese" OT. Since I posted the question recently, let me state that I don't know why or when it was named such, and I did not coin the phrase. Thanks,

  • Our employee evaluations are also completed in October. Employees hired before May 31 st will receive the annual review and employees hired June 1 st and later receive their regular 6 th month review. Our financial increases tie into our reviews so the same rule applies to financial increases. Colleen Bossler ----- Email...

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    "Chinese OT"

    Am I the only one who finds this term offensive? "Chinese OT?" - does it come from a common practice in China? I am not trying to stir up trouble, i seriously find it uncomfortable. ------------------------------ Teke Davidson, PHR, SHRM-CPDE ------------------------------

  • I agree with Timothy, been in your shoes so I can relate too. I would have urgent matters be sent to your backup even if that means that your backup is the owner/CEO himself. *virtual high five*

  • Posted in: Visa & Immigration

    Rachel, Under DOL and DHS rules, the employer is required to pay fees associated with H-1B and PERM filings. With respect to H-1B fees, this is a common area of confusion. Mistakenly applying the law can expose employers to liability down the road for back wages and penalties. Attached please find the full analysis...


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