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Create dialogue among members discussing best practices and ideas to help create the most efficient performance management process within a company.

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  • Chris Arringdale

    The Case for More Frequent Performance Reviews

    Performance Management - HR Discipline

    Aubrey Daniels , the clinical psychologist... more

  • Chris Arringdale

    Oh My God! They Killed the Performance Appraisal!

    Performance Management - HR Discipline

    Move over Kenny of South Park. The humble performance... more

  • Chris Arringdale

    Employee Recognition Should be Pervasive

    Performance Management - HR Discipline

    Sixty percent of best-in-class organizations consider... more

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  • Chris Arringdale

    Compensation Reigns as the King of Job Satisfaction

    Performance Management - HR Discipline

    According to a new SHRM research report, Job Satisfaction... more

  • Chris Arringdale

    Managers: Want To Increase Employee Engagement? Model the Right Behavior.

    Performance Management - HR Discipline

    Managers often feel responsible for telling employees... more


Employee Performance Reviews - Bridging the Gap

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Performance Assessments in an Increasingly Mobile World

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