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    Communications Audit

    A communications audit can be an effective measure of work and organizational effectiveness (Ulrich et al, 2012). Are some methods more impactful in certain industries over another? Are they more common in larger companies over a smaller company? ------------------------------ Michael Moran Matthews NC ------------------------------

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    RE: Holiday party

    I might be the only one here who supports the no alcohol Christmas party. All you need is one person who may attend the party with a few drinks under the belt already, or someone who only a needs a couple of drinks to be inebriated, and you could have some serious liability when they hit someone on their way out of the parking lot. Why worry about...

  • We outsource payroll for processing through our HRIS system. The system erroneously deducted medical, dental, vision, and life from the 2 nd paycheck instead of the 1 st (after the 1 st had already been deducted). They issued a second payroll check/direct deposit to "pay back" the deduction to the employee. Taxes were taken out on...

  • Hi Dalika, I work for an insurance company with about 1000 employees. Although a survey would reach the largest audience in the smallest amount of time I do find that the use of surveys has been exhausted. I think small focus groups would be the most effective even though this would require more time and effort. Small focus groups with required...

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    RE: Opt out payment

    Hi, A previous employer I worked for did this at $150 per month. However, they required a waiver of coverage with proof of other insurance. With the ACA - I would definitively require proof of coverage and check to ensure this is still allowed. ------------------------------ Robin Cooley PHR Vancouver WA

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