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  • Hi Pat, I am having the same issue with our receptionist who is late between 10-20 minutes and blames traffic but yet she shoots by some others on the road who are in on time. She has been spoken to by two other managers and I am just now inheriting her as my responsibility, and gave her a verbal unwritten the other day. I had another receptionist...

  • Sandra is correct. I just read a legal post that said that while many cosmetic procedures may not initially qualify as a serious health condition for purposes of FMLA, if things go wrong or not as expected during the cosmetic procedure, it very could qualify. As Sandra said, I would start by getting certification from the doctor. ------------------------------...

  • Hi Danielle I too would like a copy of your form Please send to Thank you, Erica ------------------------------ Erica Levine SHRM-CP, PHR Director, HR Washington Center for Rehabilitation Services dba Washington Care Services

  • hello I want to start a career in HR and I want to know how do I get basic certifications , i live in naperville a suburb of chicago and want to know if anybody knows any institutes that offer short term cources? ------------------------------ Khushboo Mathur ------------------------------

  • To Mathew and to the rest of group who replyied to Chelsea Wheeler question - I agree with the groups' overall theme, it's best not to Socialize on social media platforms with coworkers due to conflicts and confidentially in work place. thanks, Nora ------------------------------ Nora Newhouse Mabton WA

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