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  • Every company I have worked for that used pre-employment drug testing tested all new hires -- no chance of missing someone if it is an "always" thing and also reduces the possibility of someone saying you singled him/her out. ------------------------------ JoAnn Glenn, PHR, SHRM-CP Milford, DE

  • Hello, I am a student in the MBA program at New England College of Business. This week in of my Strategic Human Resource Management course focuses on the use of communications audits in the workplace. After reading over the course material and viewing the lectures for the topic, I would like to get your feedback on the following question: How...

  • I worked for a company where it was seldom that we needed this type of information but on rare occasions, it was handy. The way we handled this was to have each employee, at orientation, fill out a medical info sheet. This asked personal questions about health, allergies, medications and past history that would be relevant to an EMT in an emergency....

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    RE: Bonuses

    If the bonus target is defined as a percent of eligible earnings during the measurement period, then that percentage is applied even to OT income, which does not then need to be recalculated. ------Original Message------ We want to offer some incentive bonuses to non-exempt, hourly staff. Our concern is having to refigure overtime payments....

  • How, and why, does the supervisor have access to her direct reports' email accounts? ------------------------------ Larry Bradley Houston TX

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