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  • I agree with Jerald, just make it a job requirement that they have to be in the office on Fridays. Rosemary Burke Director, Human Resources Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart 1750 Quarry Road Yardley, PA 19067 (215) 968-4236 ------Original Message------ Why not explain to staff that there is a need for them to be present on Fridays...

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    RE: Migraines

    Yes she is out full days. But we do have the flexibility that she can come in on Saturdays and make up her time (or in the evenings. Attendance policy says an absence is an absence as long as it is not covered by FMLA.. I am currently looking into our EAP to see if they can offer her any help. Thanks. ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: Migraines

    Think it definitely depends on what your policy says. Do not go against written policy. I would treat as unpaid time. Is she out full days? ------------------------------ Maria Mehok SPHR Director of Finance and Compliance National Peanut Board Atlanta GA ------------------------------

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    Hello How would you handle this? I have an employee who is not yet with us for one year. (9 months). She has now started to experience migraines and is calling off. Our no-fault attendance policy she will be getting into trouble sooner than later. She is not eligible for FMLA. She is a great employee and does more than the average. Any...

  • At GU, more than three consecutive work days' absence without notice is considered job abandonment. The department may terminate the employee at the close of business on the third day. Job abandonment is considered a voluntary termination. ------------------------------ Judith Rivera, PHR Georgetown University Washington DC ------------------------------

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  • This week in class we discussed training plans (classes) and the different aspects of a plan. First, each classmate had to locate a company that builds training projects. Although there were several great websites, I will still recommend building...

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    Currently we are working to draft our newest handbook. We do have a handbook however I just feel it is too generic. Compared to some of the other companies I worked for, I think there are too many questions left unanswered and then ensues a game of...

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