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  • Hi Colleen, Great question. First of all, has the employee formally made the allegation of constructive discharge? I'm glad to see you are conducting the investigation right away to get the facts. Either way, in my experience for an employee...

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    I am writing an article about feedback challenges with twenty somethings. I'd love to hear both war stories and success stories. Do you feel like they demand more attention than other employees? What kind of feedback are they asking you for? Etc....

  • I have used Survey Monkey and it was very user friendly. :) Oh and I believe you can create a survey up to ten questions for free. Good luck! ------------------------------ Melissa Horvath Human Resources Manager SPI Industries South Bend IN

  • Thanks! It's quite handy to have the presentation slides! ------------------------------ Linga McClair Ann Arbor MI

  • Thank you so much. Great advice in that article. Great resource! ------------------------------ Linga McClair Ann Arbor MI