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  • We post our positions solely through and we pay to have them sponsored. When involuntarily terminated employees (generally), or those who leave on their own accord due to poor performance and attitude leave our company they like to be vocal...

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    Can anyone provide recommendations for the best job boards? In the credit union industry it is hard to attract good talent with Indeed. ------------------------------ Karla Kellogg Human Resources Generalist Nashville TN ------------------------------

  • Travis- Generally for our recruitment, it is a package deal for anyone. While obviously we want the candidate to want to work for us, we also try and answer the questions we know that a spouse/partner would have as well. Can we find out their...

  • Learn more about the #SHRM16 speaker, Paul Falcone, and his new book on the SHRM Blog page! Hope to see you at the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition next month in Washington, DC!!

  • I am looking for specifics on how other companies attract and retain talent in rural America. How do government entities make this work in remote locations? How do we get and keep talent in Small town, USA? Any thoughts, ideas and real life success...


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