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  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone was willing to share a few insights into what HR related questions or insights they find themselves wanting the answers to but which are hard to come by given either their current HR system, lack of data, or getting...

  • Hello, I am trying to locate validaiton for the diversity survey that is located under HR tools and samples. Is anyone aware of an organization that has used this survey?

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    RE: HR Scorecard

    Hi Paula: Selecting the right metrics is very important in driving desired behaviors in HR. These behaviors also need to align with your people and business strategies. Below, I have provided some information on selecting metrics. This is taken from...

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    HR Scorecard

    I was recently given the task of putting together a HR Scorecard. Our company has never utilized a Scorecard in the past so I am starting from scratch. Does anyone have any best practices, suggestions, or templates that they would care to share? ...