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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

SHRM's Social Network is an area for members to share HR-related information and experience with other SHRM members in a professional manner.

This is a public forum. The content you post may be seen by Internet users around the world and you can be held legally liable for what you contribute. For example, if you post defamatory comments about someone, you may be held legally accountable for them.

SHRM has sole discretion in determining what content is appropriate for inclusion in the Social Network and reserves the right (but disclaims any obligation) to remove any content SHRM deems inappropriate and to exclude any participant SHRM feels has posted inappropriate materials.

Collecting member information from the Social Network for the purpose of solicitation or "spamming" will not be tolerated. Persons found in violation of this policy may have their Social Network access removed.

By using the Social Network, you accept these conditions and agree not to post material that:

  • Defames any person, business, governmental or other entity, product or service
  • Contains unsolicited or inappropriate advertising, promotional materials, or other forms of solicitation
  • Could reasonably be construed as a violation of Federal, state or international law prohibiting anti-competitive activities or unfair trade practices. For example, participants should not discuss prices or other fees or charges which they impose, should not discuss a preference not to compete, and should not discuss boycotts of suppliers. Nor should they discuss detailed salary, wage, or benefit pay by a company or industry, since such a discussion might fall outside of the FTC/Dept. of Justice safe harbor provisions for sharing of salary, wage, and benefits information.
  • Contains false or fraudulent information
  • Infringes any other person or entity's copyright, trademark, service mark or trade dress
  • Discloses or could lead to disclosure of any trade secret
  • Violates any privacy-related right belonging to any person, business or other entity
  • Harasses, threatens, abuses, embarrasses or causes distress, unwanted attention or discomfort to any other person or entity
  • Contains obscene or sexually explicit images or other information
  • Interferes with the contract of another through the web site
  • Is unprofessional or is otherwise inappropriate.

By using this Social Network you agree to release Society For Human Resource Management and its advertisers from any liability arising from messages posted by anyone on SHRM Online, and you agree to release, hold harmless, indemnify and defend the Society for Human Resource Management and its advertisers from any and all legal or civil actions and penalties and costs, including without limitation attorneys’ fees, arising from messages you have posted on SHRM Online.