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  • James Watson

    RE: Return from FMLA - Back Injury

    Posted in: Legal Issues in HR...

    Stacey, since you received a full release including a sign-off by the health care provider on the job description indicating the pulling requirement, you cannot ask for more information or get a second opinion just from of a general concern of a possible future work-related injury.

  • James Watson

    RE: Pregnancy

    Posted in: Maryland - HR Pro...

    Denise, sorry to hear about this. It's unfortunate when a new hire suddenly has to take a leave of absence, especially a long leave. Unless there is a state law or you have a policy that addresses this, you are not required to return her to her previous job upon return from leave. Good for you that...

  • Merlene Reid

    RE: Telework Policy

    Posted in: HR Department of One...

    Carolyn, I too would love to get a copy of this policy. My email address is mreid(at)tequesta.org. Many thanks.

  • Denise Smoot


    Posted in: Maryland - HR Pro...

    If one has an employee who only has worked for 4 months (and not eligible for FMLA) do you still guarantee their jobs? This employee has now been put on bed rest and the doctor note says she will not return until after deliver in late December. We are willing to give the leave, but do we have...

  • photo not available

    RE: Help! Researching Trends in Unaccrued PTO ...

    Posted in: Benefits - HR Dis...

    We allow up to 40 hours of unaccrued time as long as there is enough time left in the year to accrue what was borrowed. We pay on a one week lag, so we can generally recover it if the person quits. We have 600 employees.



  • Paul Belliveau

    Flexing HR's Strategic Business Muscle

    Technology - HR Discipline

    Recent study findings, along with real-world company experiences, continue to demonstrate that strategic alignment with...

  • Chris Monks

    Capability Audits

    This week in my class, we are discussions Capability Audits. I would like to how effective are the capability audits?...


Sick Leave Bank

Posted in: HR Department of One - General...

Lake County, FL School Board Sick Leave Bank

Weapons Free Workplace company policy.


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