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    RE: FMLA Eligibility

    Posted in: Legal Issues in HR...

    If the 8 hour reduction is for a certified FMLA issue, continent counting it as you normally do intermittent leave. Be aware you may be creating an ADA accommodation that you do not wish to create. Byron ------Original Message------ This message has been cross posted to the following...

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    FMLA Eligibility

    Posted in: Employee Relations...

    I have an employee who has been working a 40 hour full-time job and has started using intermittent FMLA due to a chronic health condition. She is now requesting to reduce her hours to 32 per week. We are happy to accommodate this request as she's regularly absent anyway. Does her FMLA entitlement...

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    RE: Eeyores, credit thieves and drama queens

    Posted in: Employee Relations...

    Thanks for posting Dana. I have provided managers with information on this very topic over the last few years as I do believe understanding personalities can result in better performance, improved conflict resolution skills, increased communication and overall improved employee relations.

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    Dr Notes - possible FMLA

    Posted in: Employee Relations...

    At what point can a company require a doctor note? Scenario: Employee has called in sick for the 3rd day; states unable to get to doctor until Friday. Can I request a dr. note quicker? At what point should FMLA be brought up and I may be wrong, but it is my understanding if eligible i should...

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    RE: Donating of PTO hours

    Posted in: HR Department of One...

    Stacy is correct. Under IRS Notice 2006-59, the donating employee is required to recognize taxable compensation income under the assignment of income doctrine equal to the value of the surrendered PTO. The employer is required to report this on the donor employee's Form W-2 and withhold the appropriate...



  • Stephen Miller

    Rulings on subsidies bring ACA confusion

    Benefits - HR Discipline

    The circuits split on federal Affordable Care Act subsidies . Next up, the Supreme Court?

  • William Weaver

    Questions not asked and decisions not made

    There is a country song about some of our greatest gifts being unanswered prayers and today I am listening to a financial...


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