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  • Diane Saylor

    RE: Pre-Tax Deductions

    Posted in: HR Department of One...

    unless i had a notice from the Federal government authorizing me to do so, I wouldn't comply with the employee's request. You're required to collect taxes on wages, unless they are exempt under qualified 125 plans.

  • photo not available

    Recruiting low income workers

    Posted in: Recruiting & Staffing...

    I need to attract individuals who are currently low-income to apply for positions opening in the next month. We have a contract with the Federal Government to create jobs and a certain percentage of these jobs must be filled by low-income workers. Is there a way to encourage these workers to apply...

  • Andrew Wilson

    USCIS Issues Policy Guidance on H-3 Nonimmigrant...

    Posted in: Visa & Immigration...

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced on September 9, 2014, that it is issuing comprehensive policy guidance on H-3 nonimmigrant trainees in the USCIS Policy Manual. The new guidance consolidates all previous H-3 guidance addressing circumstances under which a temporary worker...

  • Andrew Wilson

    Practitioners Warn About Immigration Scams

    Posted in: Visa & Immigration...

    Immigration practitioners are warning each other, companies, and employees to avoid immigration-related scams. Types of scams reported recently include: * Scammers targeting people based on foreign-sounding names or based on information gathered about companies hiring many H-1Bs. The scammers...

  • Kim Seymour

    Salary increases for top performers

    Posted in: Compensation - HR...

    Has anyone used or considered the approach of providing smaller but more frequent salary increases to top performers (that was mentioned in this month's HR Magazine article)? Or, how do you reward top performers in your company?



  • Stephen Miller

    Deductibles Surge

    Benefits - HR Discipline

    Despite modest growth in health premiums, deductibles for group plans have risen 47 percent since 2009 . That...

  • William Weaver

    Is a "Private Exchange" just new paint on an old house?

    I recently attended a new product roll out put on by a national insurance company and the "Big Deal" was a "Private Exchange!"...


Sick Leave Bank

Posted in: HR Department of One - General...

Lake County, FL School Board Sick Leave Bank

Weapons Free Workplace company policy.


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    Roy Maurer

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    Ronald Pilenzo

    The Global HR Consultancy
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    Dana Wilkie

    Society for Human Resource Management
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