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    RE:Web Based Performance Management Systems

    Posted in: Performance Management...

    We are looking at a number of platforms as well, including SuccessFactors, Silk Road, Cornerstone, and TalentGuard. Following up on Kim's question, please send along any recommendations on these or other platforms. Also received a SHRM email today about a software program called Performance Now!...

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    RE:Giving a reference on terminated employee

    Posted in: Employee Relations...

    As I understand your question: Joe Employee terminated on date X for unknown reason (for cause or reorganization). Joe Employee receives severance equivalent to Y weeks of compensation. Joe Employee requests references to indicate he is employed for the period date X + Y weeks. i would be...

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    RE:Random drug testing or policing practice in work...

    Posted in: Legal Issues in HR...

    I would suspect that what you are referring to is not random drug testing (a method of selection of employees for testing, performed by an outside third party.) It is blanket drug testing (testing everyone over a finite period of time). Before implementing any testing, you should review state...

  • Ronald Pilenzo

    RE:Avoid these global compensation and benefits...

    Posted in: Global HR - HR Di...

    There are two good reasons for have an integrated global compensation plan. The first is to support a global succession plan. Disparate plans for different parts of the world should certainly be constructed in order to recognize the realities of competitive structures at the local level. However,...

  • Roy Maurer

    Avoid these global compensation and benefits plan...

    Posted in: Global HR - HR Di...

    Business imperatives push multinationals to expand at least some of their pay, bonus and benefits offerings internationally. This is why in recent years we have seen multinationals globalize many compensation and benefits plans that, back in the old days, would have remained completely local. But...



  • Allen Smith

    Affirmative action opinion raises diversity concerns in higher ed

    An April 22, 2014, decision by the U.S. Supreme Court may result in less diverse graduating classes from public universities...

  • Chris Arringdale

    Rethink Employee Engagement -- Already?

    Performance Management - HR Discipline

    Employee engagement continues to be a hot-button issue for employers and HR professionals worldwide. Some of...


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