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  • Kajol Panjwani

    RE: Social Media and HR's approach

    Posted in: Academics - HR Pr...

    Hi Ben, My organization recently launched a Facebook page. The marketing department was the one that initiated this event and an ad was filmed including internal employees. Before launching this page, all employees had to sign a social media policy that limited the employees of the organization...

  • Sundeep Singh

    Effectiveness of posting jobs on Social Media

    Posted in: Social Media for HR...

    I have seen many job posting on Facebook and Linkedin, looking to attract candidates. At our company we have our own internal social media platform. For those of you that also have internal social media platforms, does your company post jobs on their to attract employees? Do you think this is an effective...

  • photo not available

    RE: Comp Time

    Posted in: Compensation - HR...

    As of right now, comp time (compensatory time) is a benefit only in the public sector. I have not seen compensatory time used for exempt employees who work beyond 40 hours in a week, as the premise of an exempt employee is they work however many hours it takes to get the work done. In the public...

  • Nina Woodard

    RE: Protect your expat investment with effective...

    Posted in: Global HR - HR Di...

    I love the creativity in that solution and also the honesty about the result and the difficulty regardless. Thanks for sharing that approach and it absolutely highlights how the solutions can be unique to every organizational culture. I am pushing for a rethink of the entire global assignment and...

  • Teresa Christian

    RE: Compensation Analysis

    Posted in: Compensation - HR...

    Hello, Adeli. The organization that I work with hired Ken Cameron with Grant Thornton to complete our compensation analysis. His particular office is in Atlanta, but I know they have offices throughout the US. His research and analysis were very thorough. I can definitely recommend Ken and Grant Thornton....



  • Felix Velez

    Electronic Files

    Anyone out there sccans and index their personnel files...yes we are still using folders and physical files, but since...

  • Katie Zima

    Social Media

    Social media has become the norm in today's society. Would you as a human resource professional utilize online social...



Posted in: Technology - HR Discipline


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