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    Temporary Employee is turning into a long term ...

    Posted in: Benefits - HR Dis...

    I have 2 employees performing the same work for a client under a contract with our company. One was hired full time, 40-hours per week on a "permanent" basis. Later a second person was hired full time, 40-hours per week on a temporary basis expected to be a month or two. As a temporary employee...

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    RE: EE broke hand

    Posted in: Legal Issues in HR...

    I don't see any ADA issues here. On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 2:46 PM, Pamela Ballas via Society for Human ------Original Message------ This message has been cross posted to the following Discussions: Legal Issues in HR - HR Discipline and Employee Relations - HR Discipline .

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    RE: Weight Loss Contest

    Posted in: Small Business or...

    We run an annual weight loss contest. Employees get together in teams of no more than 5 individuals. It is on the honor system, where they weigh in on a weekly basis and the team contact reports the % of weight loss. We have had employees complain that they didn't want someone else to know what...

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    Project Management Professional Certification

    Posted in: Compensation - HR...

    Hi, I'm interested in the opinions and experiences of my HR colleagues as it pertains to PMP certification. Specifically, what are your thoughts on the benefits of obtaining PMP certification for HR Professionals? Has anyone obtained it or know anyone who has and if so, how has it been beneficial?...

  • Pamela Ballas

    EE broke hand

    Posted in: Employee Relations...

    I have an employee who broke their hand and is new to the organization. He has been here 5 months. He is not eligible for FMLA. We do not have work to accommodate use of only his left hand. He is a mechanic and does not have any more sick or vacation time to use while he is out. I cannot see...



  • William Weaver

    Questions not asked and decisions not made

    There is a country song about some of our greatest gifts being unanswered prayers and today I am listening to a financial...

  • Stephen Miller

    HSAs grow more prevalent but still cause confusion

    Benefits - HR Discipline

    Could you pass a basic quiz on health savings accounts (HSAs)? Most account holders couldn’t. Also, read how employer...


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