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  • Jasmine, I also worked on completing the capability audit for my company. I completed it directly for my team that I work with. My team is really good at collaboration, innovation, customer connectivity, and accountability. The things that my team could really work on is having a shared mindset, strategic unity, and efficiency. I would think...

  • Try the Payroll Association website. They have payroll books that cover wage garnishments ------------------------------ Xaviera Woodside PHR Jacksonville FL ------------------------------

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    ------------------------------ Theresa Delgado SPHR Hr Director, Lindenmeyr Munroe Central National - Gottesman Inc Purchase NY ------------------------------

  • Yes, that's what I do. I guess my answer wasn't clear. I absolutely keep medical and I-9 information separate - regardless of whether management has access. I was just saying that IF management has access to the electronic files, they do not have access to the I-9's or medical information at all - just as if they were paper files. There's no...

  • Here is a short article that really got me to thinking about orientation from the new employee's perspective. The article says they are highly motivated and ready to contribute right away, and we should capitalize on that, not crush it with boring paperwork and new-hire routines. ------------------------------ Diane Bohman PHR VP of Human Resources American...

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  • What is it? The so-called “ban the box” movement is popping up all across the country. Ban the box is the snappy name referring to legislation that, among other restrictions, requires the removal of the checkbox and/or verbiage on an employment...

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    I’ve been attending and writing about HR-related conferences for years—sometimes I think for too long. So, I have a pretty set routine. I attend sessions, talk with speakers and interact enough to get the information I need to write an article. I have...

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