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New Look to SHRM Connect Emails

Enjoy the new streamlined look of the SHRM Connect emails starting today! The Daily Digest emails now organize the posts by discussion topic, the reply button is easier to find, as well as the options on the email message.
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  • Amy Peterson

    HR Paradox - Process and Event

    Posted in: Academics - HR Pr...

    All, The HR paradox of process and event reminds us that HR is not about a specific event but rather a process that creates solutions that can be use organization wide. Success with this paradox requires HR to think "outside the box" and promote innovation. What makes HR innovative? How...

  • photo not available

    Outside-Inside Paradox Facing HR

    Posted in: SHRM Research

    In the popular book HR From the Outside in, there are Six Paradoxes listed that face HR in the current business climate. In looking at one in particular; Outside-Inside we see there is a challenge to balance internal business culture with outside shareholder expectations. How true do you think that...

  • Emilio Digitale

    HR Paradoxes: Strategic & Administrative

    Posted in: Technology - HR D...

    I am currently in my Strategic Human Resource Management MBA course and we are discussing the six paradoxes that HR faces on a daily basis. I decided to focus on the Strategic & Administrative aspect of HR. Through much research, many companies believe that HR merely exists for the administrative...

  • Kristie Howard

    Ineffective technology taking HR away from a strategic...

    Posted in: Technology - HR D...

    I have been reviewing many of the current messages in the Technology discussion board and while I have come across great discussions on why technology is important to HR, I have to wonder whether or not ineffective technology is truly pulling HR professionals away from a strategic role. I am currently...

  • Laura Bachiochi

    Organization and Individual Paradox

    Posted in: Academics - HR Pr...

    Good evening, I am an MBA student studying Human Resources, and an assignment this week is to discuss and explore a paradox in HR. I have chosen to explore Organization and Individual. The topic centers around, while individual abilities and talents are incredibly important to an organization,...



  • Roy Maurer

    How culture impacts HR and how to succeed across borders

    Professor Erin Meyer sat down with SHRM Online to discuss how HR and business leaders can effectively manage global...

  • Stephen Miller

    HR urged to speak up on health reform fixes

    Benefits - HR Discipline

    HR pros can influence health care reform by ensuring that policymakers hear your concerns, especially with regards...


tin maung thein

Posted in: SHRM - HR Management Standa...

tin maung thein

Posted in: SHRM - HR Management Standa...

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    Roy Maurer

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    Dana Wilkie

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    Ronald Pilenzo

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