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  • Alan Freeman

    RE:Maternity & Parental Leave in Canada

    Posted in: Global HR - HR Di...

    Joanna, We'd suggest establishing a policy stating that applicable employment regulations will govern parental leave and guide the employee in understanding them. Being explicitly clear about the company's approach up front helps avoid disputes later. You're probably correct that provincial...

  • photo not available

    Web Based Performance Management Systems

    Posted in: Performance Management...

    We have been successfully using Halogen for the past 8+ years. However, we thought this might be a good time take a look at, and evaluate, other web-based performance management systems. We have around 50 employees. I'd love to get some feedback and recommendations. Thanks!

  • Kathy Wallace

    Communications Audit

    Posted in: Social Media for HR...

    Good evening! How effect do you think communications audits are? There are 7 different methods that take place. Is there one method that could be better than another? I just took part in one of these methods, a focus group, which I have never been in one before so this was something new for me....

  • Michael Maggiotto

    RE:why we use personnel requisitions

    Posted in: Indiana - HR Prof...

    My recommendation is to explain it in business professional terms rather than "HR" speak. The goal is to help the manager understand how this procedure relates to the job they are supposed to do, how it helps them perform their role, or how it protects or otherwise impacts the company. That may...

  • Dana Wilkie

    Workers who self-harm: Should HR play a role?

    Posted in: Employee Relations...

    If you saw a light fixture fall on an employee, tearing a gash in her head, you'd rush to her side, try to stop the bleeding and probably call 911. But what would you do if a worker's injuries were self-inflicted? Self-harming includes cutting, burning and other self-mutilating behavior that...



  • Susan Anderson

    Safety Incentive Program

    HR Department of One - General Discussion

    Does anyone use a Safety Bucks or similar Safety Incentive Program that you wouldn't mind sharing the details of? We...

  • Chris Arringdale

    Employee Learning and Training—No Retreat, No Surrender!

    Performance Management - HR Discipline

    How much do employers spend on learning and training? According to the American Society of Training and...


RE:Credit Checks

Posted in: Legal Issues in HR - HR Dis...

Having Patience Will Help Differentiate Yourself. Good Candidates Listen Carefully.


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    Roy Maurer

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    Dana Wilkie

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