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  • Dana Wilkie

    Parent revolt: When transgender teachers offend

    Posted in: Diversity & Inclusion...

    Cases involving the firing, suspension or harassing of transgender teachers have made national news in recent years, raising the issue of how to handle a teacher's contract if parents create an uproar over an instructor's transgender status. What are the legal issues that a school or its HR...

  • photo not available

    RE: Dependant care FSA - carry over option Vs....

    Posted in: Benefits - HR Dis...

    It's my understanding that the $500.00 carryover does not apply to the Dependent Care FSA according to the company we work with. It was also my understanding that the Medical FSA could apply BOTH the carry over option as well as the grace period option. Hope this helps. Cloudia Dame Tempe, AZ ------Original...

  • photo not available

    Tuition Reimbursement - Online programs

    Posted in: Benefits - HR Dis...

    Within your tuition reimbursement programs, do you: a) reimburse for completion of online programs within a "brick and mortar" school? b) reimburse for completion of programs from fully online institutions? If so, are there any differences between the benefits provided for online degrees and...

  • Jessica Edlinger

    RE: Documentation requirement

    Posted in: Consulting - HR D...

    The short version is that Caregivers have fallen under the FLSA Companionship Exemption, but starting on January 1, they will no longer be. Most of our clients (and our competitors' clients) are on fixed incomes, so we cannot raise rates to accommodate OT charges. We think most of the industry will...

  • Roy Maurer

    Venezuela set to increase minimum wage Dec 1

    Posted in: Global HR - HR Di...

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced an increase of 15 percent of the minimum wage effective Dec. 1, 2014. Also, news about vicarious liability in Brazil and the EEOC-Mexico memo of understanding on labor rights. http://www.shrm.org/hrdisciplines/global/articles/pages/latin-america-employment-law-update.aspx



  • Aliah Wright

    200 million use Instagram? 40 million on Vine? 1.34 billion on Facebook? Why, Yes

    Project: Social HR - Social

    I’m startled when people still say all of this 'social media business' is a fad, when really it’s now a part of...

  • photo not available

    Las Vegas Conference

    Hello- 2015 will be the first time I have attended the SHRM Conference. I want to be sure exactly what dates I should...


The National Academy of HR named the SHRM Foundation an Honored Organization in 2014. Mark J. Schmit,...


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