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    RE: Pre-Tax Deductions

    Posted in: HR Department of One...

    Yes, you will be setting your organization up for an IRS audit. Student loan payments or garnishments are not pre-taxed. The only pre-tax deductions are those under a qualified cafeteria plan (please refer to the IRS Pub. 15).

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    Overtime for Exempt Employees - Fed Contractor

    Posted in: Maryland - HR Pro...

    We have an exempt employee that has been approved to work additional hours over the next few months, but I'm not sure how to compensate him for this without setting the wrong precedent, or giving up his exempt status. We are a Federal contractor (less than 50 employees) with almost all salaried...

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    RE: 2015 Holidays

    Posted in: Benefits - HR Dis...

    My previous company offered 8 holidays + 1 floating holiday to be used at the employees discretion. We had an informal practice of closing at 2:00 p.m. the day before all holidays. This was not documented nor guaranteed but typically something we were able to support for all dates. For hourly non...

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    RE: 2015 Holidays

    Posted in: Benefits - HR Dis...

    Hi...we are in Healthcare and we give 6 holidays (48 hours) however we don't put this in writing but the day before both Christmas and New Year we generally close early with pay. We also give the option for those two days if you request off and schedule allows to take it with or without PTO. We...

  • Barbra Williams

    RE: 2015 Holidays

    Posted in: Benefits - HR Dis...

    I am also in manufacturing and we are rolling out a new holiday schedule to include 8 fixed with 2 floating. NY Day Memorial Day Labor Day Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas Eve and Christmas Day NY Eve The two floating may be used at any point throughout the year but must...



  • Chris Arringdale

    Performance or Engagement? And the Winner Is …

    Performance Management - HR Discipline

    As with just about every aspect of performance management , opinions are divided on the question of whether managers...

  • Stephen Miller

    Deductibles Surge

    Benefits - HR Discipline

    Despite modest growth in health premiums, deductibles for group plans have risen 47 percent since 2009 . That...


Sick Leave Bank

Posted in: HR Department of One - General...

Lake County, FL School Board Sick Leave Bank

Weapons Free Workplace company policy.


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