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    RE: Criminal background checks

    Posted in: Background & Substance...

    Hello Kim, Usually the entity will specifically list what type of searches they want done on all contractors (County/State/Federal Criminal, OFAC, Sex Offender, etc.). Contact me offline, we can help (800) 424-7011.

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    Criminal background checks

    Posted in: Background & Substance...

    Hello, I am new to the world of background checks. My client has an obligation to do criminal background checks on employees involved on a specific contract. Can anyone share a background check provider they would recommend as well as any nuances I should be aware of? Thank you, Kim

  • Phyllis Howard

    Canadian Employment for Free Lancers - Computer...

    Posted in: Compensation - HR...

    Hello! The company with whom I'm contracting is looking to hire a Research Scientist (Computers) in Canada. I'm at a loss as to where to direct them for salary information and also required deductions for Canadian pay. Would anyone have a website or agency that could be of help? I tried payscale.com...

  • Robert Narsavage

    RE: 360 Review Process

    Posted in: HR Department of One...

    Hi Melissa -- I just switched us from a very low-impact inadequate review process, to a new 360 in-depth review procedure. Ours is a small company but the new procedure is for all employees. If you're interested, message me privately and I can share it with you.

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    360 Review Process

    Posted in: HR Department of One...

    I'm looking for tips or pointers on administering a 360 review process for upper management. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



  • Treva Spencer-Dupree

    2015 SHRM Annual Conference!

    I am so excited to attend the conference and meet my wonderful and knowledgeable peers. During the day we will reinforce...

  • Patricia Bedell

    CPA Firm HR Professionals

    SHRM 2015 Annual Conference & Exposition

    I would like to meet HR professionals from other CPA firms. Please let me know if you would like to meet up at the conference....


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