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"Working For Us"



  • Aliah Wright

    Look who's shopping now? The boss

    Posted in: Technology - HR D...

    Employees who do their Christmas shopping online during work are more likely to be members of senior management, managers, supervisors and team leaders-not entry-level or professional staff members, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder. You can read more here.

  • photo not available

    RE: not following job description

    Posted in: HR Department of One...

    HI Jayne - It sounds like you may need to have a conversation with the EVP who hired her even if it is only to get clarity on what exactly she was hired to do. If she was hired to do the job as it was posted and that's what the EVP (or her direct supervisor) expects, then that should make for...

  • Christine Roth

    RE: For those States with legalized marijuana?

    Posted in: Legal Issues in HR...

    Amanda, You can and should still have a policy against being under the influence while working. If you look at CA law, that is a good place to start. Here is an article that you might find helpful: http://www.brownlawgroup.com/newsletter-archives/medical-marijuana-use-though-permitted-by-california-doctors-not-permitted-in-workplace-or-protected-by-ada/

  • photo not available

    RE: OSHA standard changes

    Posted in: HR Department of One...

    Our company is very focused on EHS. I checked this question with my Regional Safety Manager. He was not familiar with any such regulation, nor have I seen anything about it. However, I suppose certification would be obtained by the responder completing a basic first aid & CPR class, as do ours....

  • photo not available

    For those States with legalized marijuana?

    Posted in: Background & Substance...

    Well, recently Alaska went to legalized marijuana. I know that several other States have already been dealing with this. What type of work place policy do you have and how do you enforce it? Is your policy based on Job Performance only, thus treating only performance issues? Did you revise your...



  • Chris Arringdale

    Happy Holidays? Not if You Forget Your Employees

    It’s the only time of year that it’s acceptable to give a fruitcake. Complete with hot cocoa, stockings hung with care,...

  • Stephen Miller

    When workers won't retire, challenges arise

    Benefits - HR Discipline

    When people don’t advance through the ranks because older workers are staying put, they become frustrated. And despite...



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